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Urban Health Centers are the grass-root level entity providing basic level of health services to the urban population in Nepal. However, these are being upgraded to Urban Health Promotion Centers (UHPCs) after the Urban Health Promotion Centers Establishment and Operation Guideline was drafted by Ministry of Health and Population in 2074 BS (2017 AD). The difference is obviously the shift of paradigm towards the prevention rather than cure. To be more specific, there are two UHPCs available in Kathmandu, i.e. one in Kathmandu Metropoliatan City -19 and another in Kathmandu Metropolitan City -30.

The one in Kathmandu Metropolitan City -19 happens to be the first ever of its kind in Nepal, which was inaugurated by Former Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Bidhya Sundar Shakya on 13th January 2022. The first ones are always special and this UHPC has its own special, unique and mesmerizing facilities to provide. However, the astonishing fact is, this UHPC was upgraded from UHC with the support of French INGO based in Nepal, Medecins Du Monde – France (MdM – France) under their project of “Healthy Waste Workers of Sustainable Waste Management.” This projct has been running with this two implementing Partners – Samyukta Safai Jagaran (SASAJA) and Green Path Nepal (GPN). As this project aims to mitigate occupational risks of waste workers, the UHPC has waste worker specific services for the ones registered under the SASAJA.

The Staffing Pattern


1. OPD Services

2. Services under Community Based Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (CBIMNCI)

3. Services under National Immunization Program (NIP)

4. Services under Nutrition Program

5. Services under Safe Motherhood Program (ANC and PNC)

6. Temporary Family Planning (FP) Services including FP Counselling.

7. Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) Services

8. Lab Services for blood, stool, urine examination at minimum cost.

9. Video X-Ray

10. ECG Services

11. Cervical Cancer Examination 

12. Other immunization services as stated by metropolitan city such as COVID-19 vaccination.


Waste Worker Specific Services

13. Free Tetanus Toxoid (Td) Vaccinations for waste workers registered under SASAJA.

14. Lab Services with 50% discount for waste workers registered under SASAJA.

15. Free Occupational Health and Safety Consultations (OHS) for waste workers registered under SASAJA.


The waste worker specific services are few but one of a kind. As waste workers are more exposed to glass cuts and metal cuts, making them to prone to obtaining Tetanus, free Td vaccinations are available for them. Also, 50% is discounted in lab services for them. OHS consultation is another feature that the UHPC delivers to the waste workers by the medical in-charge there; it assesses their exposure to occupational hazards such as dust, dealing wit metals and glasses and dog bites. It also examines their nutritional status through height and weight and vitals through examination of pulse, blood pressure, oxygen concentration. Other bodily checkups such as Eye, ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat), chest, stomach, skin, teeth and mouth are done too. Family History of non-communicable disease, Personal History of other diseases, COVID-19 Vaccination Status, Td Vaccination Status, Mental Health including anxiety, restlessness and sleeping patterns and adverse reactions due to drugs and food is also assessed. It also finds out their habit of smoking and consuming alcohol.


The Infrastructure

A building situated in Dallu, Kathmandu is well facilitated with waiting area space, different cabins for service delivery and administration. Along with that it also has proper waste management with waste segregation through color-coded dustbins, autoclaves and incinerators. For hygiene and sanitation, access to toilet, sufficient supply of water is ensured. Also, handwashing facility is available too

Access to Toilets
Color-Coded Dustbins
Lab Room
ANC and PNC Room
Training Hall
Autoclaving Room